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Real Vision is the only video-on-demand platform for finance and economics, showcasing unique in-depth interviews and presentations from the world’s best independent analysts, economists, and the most famous and successful hedge fund managers.

We give you unparalleled access to the Wall Street and City insiders and give them the freedom to tell you what and how they really think, unfiltered and unbiased. This is economics and finance for the Real World.

As a student, the knowledge you need for a job doesn’t just come from a textbook, and employers can tell who has gone above and beyond. The best way to set yourself apart is by arming yourself with insight directly from the the elite thinkers and investors and learn to think how they think.

Exclusively for the Manchester University “Economics for Everyone” summit, when you join Real Vision at the student rate, we will pick two attendees to join Real Vision on location for their next shoot in London, an opportunity to meet one of our famous founders one-on-one and see them pick the brains of a few of the worlds smartest investors.

Student access to Real Vision is only $15 a month, or a discounted $120 a year. Get Real Vision, learn from the top minds in the industry, and profit from knowledge.

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The Institute for New Economic Thinking is dedicated to the rigorous pursuit of innovative economic theories and methods that address society’s most pressing concerns.
Founded in 2009, we are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization supporting relevant, pioneering work in the following issue areas:
The relationship between finance and the broader economy
Inequality and distribution
The economics of innovation
Environment and resource sustainability

Manchester Student Union

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